21406 GRT, loa 185m, 929 passengers Built, 1956, in her first career as the Empress transatlantic liner Empress of Bitain sailing on the Europe – Canada service she crossed the Atlantic 123 times. Her owners, Canadian Pacific Steamship sold her in 1965 to the Greek Line. Renamed Queen Anna Maria, she continued sailing the Atlantic, sailing from Greece and later Israel to New York. after a year in lay up, she was sold again, this time to newly formed Carnival Cruise Lines and aptly renamed Carnivale. In 1993, Carnival decided to try their luck in a new market with the Carnivale: as Fiesta Marina she sailed from Brasil catering for Spanish speaking passengers from Brasil. This venture proved unsuccessful and in 1994 Epirotiki Cruises acquired her for use in Greek waters as Olympic. In 1997 after the collapse of Epirotiki cruises, she was chartered to Thomson Cruises and renamed Topaz, she sailed on cruises to the Canary Islands and in the Mediterranean. Japanese Peaceboat acquired her in 2003 and she was used on round the world cruises until 2008. Her aging machinery made her very expensive to operate and she was retired in 2008 and scrapped at the age of 53.

122 photographs, made in 2005 during a ship visit in Piraeus.