7538 GRT, loa 149m, 500passengers She was built in 1939, at the Blohm & Voss shipyards in Hamburg for the Hamburg Amerika Line and started her career as Huascaran, carrying both freight and only about 30 passengers. During the war she served as a submarine depot and supply vessel for the Germans. After WW2 she was handed over to the Canadians. She sailed for Canadian Pacific Steamships after being rebuilt as a passenger ship for 773 pax as the Baeverbrae. In 1954 she was sold to Italian Cogedar Line, renamed Aurelia and served on the Europe – Australia run. Later she was rebuilt again as a cruise ship for 500 pax. In 1970 she was arrested for debt in Madeira and was acquired by Chandris Cruises from Greece for whom she sailed until 1991. Sold to Cyprus based Paradise Cruises, she was used on short cruises from Cyprus until 1997 when she caught fire and was sent tot the scrap yard.

40 photographs, made in 1988 during a cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean.