21406 GRT, loa 185m, 929 passengers Finnhansa wa launched in 1964, but due to two fires during her fitting out phase, it took another two years to complete her. At the time she was the largest ferry in the Baltic where she was employed in ferry service for owner Finnlines. In 1977, after delivery of the famous GTS Finnjet, she was considered too small and was sold to Birka Line (Aland Islands). They renamed her Prinsessan and used her mainly as a cruise ship on their Stockholm -Mariehamn route. Birka had additional cabins added to her car deck. Again she was replaced by a larger vessel, Birka Princess in 1986 and was sold for 3 mio dollars to Cypriot cruise line Louis Cruises.

She sailed from Cyprus on short cruises to Egypt, Israel and Greece (Rhodes) until 1986 when she was scrapped in Alang, India.

20 photographs, made in 2002 during a short cruise from Cyprus to Rhodes.