11.700 GRT, loa 159m, 220 crew, pax not applicable She was built in Trieste Italy in 1953 as a cargo passenger liner Victoria for Lloyd Triestino and with her twin sister, Asia sailed to Pakistan, India and Far East destinations. When air lines took over her trade she was sold to Adriatica who tried to operate her on liner voyages also but more as a cruise ship. This wasn’t a success and she was laid up and offered for sale in 1974. She was purchased in 1978 by mission organisation Mercy Ships for £620,000 and renamed Anastasis. After a four year re-fit Anastasis entered service as a hospital vessel: she contained three fully-equipped operating rooms, a hospital ward, a dental clinic, a laboratory and an X-ray unit, During her career as a mission ship Anastasis visited 275 ports and conducted 66 field assignments in 23 nations during which se helped an estimated 1.5 million people as direct beneficiaries according to the Mercy Ships website. Anastasis 52-year life ended at the scrapyard at Alang, India on August 13, 2007.

23 photographs, 1995 ship visit in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.