24800 GRT, loa 185m, 906 passengersBuilt in 1957 as Sylvania for Cunard Line, and sold in 1968 to Sitmar Cruises. Renamed Fairwind. Converted from liner to cruise ship in 1971. Sold to Princess Cruises in 1988 and renamed Dawn Princess. V Ships bought the vessel in 1993 and..
  • amerik


    17.000 GRT, loa 176m, 250 crew, 911 passengers Union Castle took the Kenya Castle into service in 1952. She was the second vessel in a series of three, she and her sisters Rhodesia Castle and Braemar Castle were built in 1951-1952. She sailed for Union Castle on the round..
  • anast


    11.700 GRT, loa 159m, 220 crew, pax not applicable She was built in Trieste Italy in 1953 as a cargo passenger liner Victoria for Lloyd Triestino and with her twin sister, Asia sailed to Pakistan, India and Far East destinations. When air lines took over her trade she was sold..
  • aquam


    Built 1971. Louis Cruise Lines, Cyprus 128 photographs (2005 cruise in Western Mediterranean)
  • assedofot


    Assedo, 20500 GRT, loa 176m, 750 passengersBuilt in East Germany in 1968. One of a series of five vessels (the others being Ivan Franko, Mikhail Lermontov, Alexandr Pushkin and Taras Shevchenko) Sailed on cruises mostly in European waters mainly for British CTC Cruises and in..
  • atlasfot


    Atlas, 16000 GRT, loa 155m, 600 passengers Although originally planned as the freighter Dinteldijk for Holland America Line, she was delivered in 1952 as the transatlantic liner Rijndam for the Rotterdam - New York service. In 1964 she switched to Australia/ New Zealand service...
  • bl prince

    Black Prince

    Built 1966. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines (later she sailed as Ola Esmeralda of Saveca, Venezuela) 30 photographs (1976 ship visit in Rotterdam)
  • Canberra


    Canberra, 49070 GRT, loa 249m, 960 passengers Canberra was built in 1961 by Harland an Wolff in Belfast for P&O lines. She was put on the Australian run. When passenger loads diminished in liner service, she was laid up in and there were rumours she might go for scrap only..
  • discovery


    Built 1972. Voyages of Discovery, UK 51 photographs (2003 ship visit in Harwich)
  • Doulos


    Built 1912. Operation Mobilisation. When in service the oldest seagoing passenger ship in the world.. 48 photographs (2004 ship visit in the Dutch port of Scheveningen)
  • ellinisfot


    Ellinis, 4800 GRT, loa 122m, 333 passengers In 1993 the Lurline was launched and the Matson Line placed her on the San Francisco-Los Angeles-Honolulu service. In WWII she served as a troop transport. After the war she was refitted to her former glory and redelivered to Matson..
  • estoniafot


    Estonia, 4800 GRT, loa 122m, 333 passengers Between 1958 and 1964, a series of no less than nineteen small passenger ships were built in East Germany for employment in the USSR passenger fleet. The government of the USSR frequently used these vessels for military or scientific..
  • shalyfot

    Fedor Shalyapin

    Fedor Shalyapin, 21406 GRT, loa 185m, 929 passengers Built as Ivernia in 1955 for Cunard Line for service on the transatlantic run. Later renamed Franconia. One of a series of four vessels (the above mentioned Albatros being one of these). Sold to the USSR in 1973, she divided..
  • maximgorfot

    Maxim Gorkiy

    21406 GRT, loa 185m, 929 passengers Best known for the cruise service she performed for 20 years when chartered by her Russian owners to German operator Phoenix Reisen from 1988 - 2008, this handsome vessel had originally been planned as a liner/ cruise ship by the company who..
  • Melody


    Built 1982. Mediterranean Shipping Cruises, Italy 23 photographs (2001 ship visit in Barcelona)
  • monal

    Mona Lisa

    Built 1966. Mona Lisa Kreuzfahrten, Germany 67 photographs (2003 weekend cruise from Kiel to Hamburg)
  • monteryfot


    21406 GRT, loa 185m, 929 passengers She was built by Betlehem Steel, Quincy, Massachusetts, USA in 1952 as the Free State Mariner as a freighter for the US Marine Coprs. She was sold to Matson Lines in 1955, rebuilt into a passenger ship and used on the service from San..
  • OceanM

    Ocean Monarch

    Built 1955. Classic Intl. Cruises, Portugal 56 photographs (2005 ship visit in Amsterdam)
  • oceanic


    Built 1965. Pullmantur, Spain, 62 photographs (2004 cruise in the Western Mediterranean)
  • orianafot


    Oriana 41915 GRT, loa 245m, 1700 passengers Ordered in 1959 by British Orient Lines, she was the fastest ship on the Australian run. In 1965 Orient Lines merged with P&O Lines and she became a fleetmate of Canberra (see above). During the latter part of her career, she was..
  • princesa-marissafot

    Princesa Marissa

    21406 GRT, loa 185m, 929 passengers Finnhansa wa launched in 1964, but due to two fires during her fitting out phase, it took another two years to complete her. At the time she was the largest ferry in the Baltic where she was employed in ferry service for owner Finnlines. In..
  • prdan

    Princess Danae

    Built 1955. Classical International Cruises, Portugal 61 photographs (2006 ship visit in Amsterdam)
  • regmarisfot

    Regina Maris

    5813 GRT, loa 118m, 276 passengers Lubeck Line's Regina Maris was built in 1966 especially for cruising in remote areas. She quickly established a very high reputation for her cruises in Northern Europe. In 1976 she was sold to a Canadian firm and renamed Mercator One, but spent..
  • romanzafot


    7538 GRT, loa 149m, 500passengers She was built in 1939, at the Blohm & Voss shipyards in Hamburg for the Hamburg Amerika Line and started her career as Huascaran, carrying both freight and only about 30 passengers. During the war she served as a submarine depot and supply..
  • stefbatfot

    Stefan Batory

    15024 GRT, loa 153m, 779 passengers Built in 1952 Maasdam was one of the so called economy twins (carrying almost exclusively tourist class passengers and just a handful of first class passengers), sailing on the transatlantic run for the Holland America Line together with..
  • topazfot


    21406 GRT, loa 185m, 929 passengers Built, 1956, in her first career as the Empress transatlantic liner Empress of Bitain sailing on the Europe - Canada service she crossed the Atlantic 123 times. Her owners, Canadian Pacific Steamship sold her in 1965 to the Greek Line. Renamed..
  • wchurchfot

    Winston Churchill

    8658 GRT, loa 140m, 398 passengers She spent all of her active life as a ferry sailing for DFDS, a large Danish ferry company. When she came of age, she was occaisionally used as a cruise ship and was used to open up new ferry routes, the Amsterdam-Newcastle route being one of..